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Depression in women

Depression in women

There is a direct link between depression in women and chronic diseases in women such as diabetes and high blood pressure. This has emerged from a recent study.
According to this study, women who have symptoms of depression are more likely to have such diseases. In this study, the symptoms of depression in women were studied before and after the diseases of women. One of the leading researchers, Xiaolin Xu, said that many women these days are suffering from many serious diseases.
We’ve studied how these diseases develop before and after symptoms of depression.
In the study, 43.2 per cent of the women reported that they had symptoms of depression.
Only half of these women were diagnosed with depression through medical examination and received treatment. The risk of first serious diseases was seen as 1.8 times higher in these women. Research has shown that depression is related to genetic factors.
Research has shown that women who had depression were from low-income families.

5 out of 10 people in India suffer from depression

In today’s fast-paced life, everyone has to worry about one or the other thing and this worry becomes the cause of depression.
5 out of 10 people in India suffer from depression. Depression is a big disease in itself.
The risk of dementia (mental aberration) in people with depression is increasing.
Most women suffering from depression do not know the treatment.

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Prevention Tips For Depression in Women

Some changes in lifestyle and diet are required to avoid the effects of depression.


1⦁ Depression patients should drink plenty of water and consume more such fruits and vegetables which have high water content.

2⦁ One should eat nutritious food which contains all the vitamins and minerals required by the body.

3⦁ Be sure to consume beetroot, it contains the proper amount of nutrients like vitamins, folate, uridine and magnesium etc. These act like neurotransmitters in our brain which act to change the mood in the patient of depression.

4.⦁ Use olive oil in your food. It contains a fair amount of anti-oxidants and monosaturated fatty acids, which prove to be helpful in relieving heart disease and depression in women.

5.⦁ Consume tomato in your food and in the form of salad. Tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene, which helps fight depression. As per the study, it has been seen that people who eat tomatoes 4-6 times a week suffer less depression than normal.


⦁ Patients suffering from depression should also follow a good lifestyle along with proper eating habits like a person should spend more time with their family and friends. You should tell your heart’s words to a special friend.

⦁ To get out of depression, a person must give place to exercise, yoga and meditation in his daily routine. It calms the mind of the depressed patient and corrects the hormonal imbalance in them.

⦁ All persons should wake up in the morning then go for walk and then do yoga asana and pranayama.

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⦁ The patient with depression should go to natural and peaceful places, as well as read books containing melodious music and positive thoughts.

Does your lady’s mood change so much that you understand what she wants?

Can’t you? Or is your mother just not interested in anything these days? The women who convert the boundary wall into a house make every possible effort for the happiness of the house, but we do not get to know when they are depressed.
The symptoms of depression in women are very different from those in men. In such a situation, it is very important to detect these symptoms at the right time so that it becomes easier to eliminate depression. If you also want to know whether a woman is depressed, then try to understand these changes in her b

There is often a problem of mood swings in women with depression, i.e., their mood changes very quickly. Sometimes the mood changes so much that they start having panic attacks. In this situation, the cause of depression in women can be any special condition, hormonal disturbance, or allergy.

lady's mood change so much that you understand what she wants?


When someone is depressed, their interest in everything begins to fade. Women in depression lose interest in their routines or the people around them. Many times, due to her depression, she is unable to concentrate on anything and starts losing her temper on every issue.

Change in diet Prevent the cause of depression in women

Diets are frequently influenced by the condition of depression in women. They eat too much to feel good, or they don’t eat because of depression. In both cases, depression can affect the diet.

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SleepPrevent the cause of depression in women

Depression is closely related to our sleep. Women, in particular, suffer from depression in two ways: they either do not sleep or sleep excessively. So if they have this kind of problem with sleeping, then it can be considered a symptom of depression in women.


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