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Roti vs rice for a weight loss journey  

Roti vs rice for a weight loss journey  

Roti and rice  

Reducing carbs and increasing protein intake is frequently suggested for a weight reduction programme to be successful. Limiting the consumption of this component can be difficult, though, in a nation like India where rice and chapatis, which are high in carbohydrates, are staple foods. It is not possible to exclude them entirely from your food. The only thing you can accomplish is to eat sparingly. However, a lot of the time, individuals are left wondering what to have for supper.

Since it’s common knowledge that one should usually eat light at dinnertime, we set out to determine which of the two options is preferable when trying to lose weight. 

Nutritional content of rice vs roti for weight loss 

To put it approximately, the nutritional content of rice versus chapati is similar. Grain processing yields both, with the sodium content being the primary distinction. While 120 grams of wheat carry 190 mg of salt, rice has very little sodium.  For weight loss rice vs roti is always doubts to take.  

The essential nutrients found in the bran plus germ component of white rice are removed. Thus, it has less nutrients but more calories. One gramme of protein, 0.1 gramme of fat, and eighty grams of carbohydrates make up 60 grammes of rice. 

Since chapati is comprised of wheat rather than rice, it has more nutrients. About 71 calories, 3 grams of protein, 0.4 grams of fat, and 15 grams of carbohydrates are found in a tiny 6-inch chapati. Rice vs roti has a different impact on a weight loss journey. In contrast to wheat, rice has lower magnesium plus phosphorus content. 

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Furthermore, the quantity of iron as well as folate in wheat as well as rice are the same. 

What Dietitian says  

Dietitian Lavleen Kaur claims that chapati plus rice two have their nutritional advantages. On the one hand, dal as well as rice combined offer a full source of protein, something lacking in most plant-based foods. They also include all the amino acids. Hence, rice vs roti both have protein and are good for weight loss journey.  

However, you may get nutrients such as calcium, and phosphorus, including zinc by eating chapati made using barley, sorghum, and finger along with pearl millet, plus a small amount of wheat as a stabiliser. 

Both are good options and can be consumed on alternate days. But one needs to be careful about the portion sizes and have dinner by 8 pm when the aim is to lose weight,” Kaur said. 

She also mentioned that eating foods high in carbohydrates late at midnight can make you bloated and make it harder for your body to absorb nutrients. 

Chapati has a higher filling content than rice. Two chapatis would satisfy you more fully than rice would. Rice has lower levels of fat, protein, plus dietary fibre than wheat, which explains why. 

For every 440 calories throughout a big serving of rice, that amounts to a significant portion of your recommended daily protein consumption. Eating half a cup of rice or two chapatis will help you lose weight.  Thus, you can have a good option in rice vs roti in a weight loss diet.  

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Aashi Jain

Aashi Jain

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